Colorado Springs begins winter preps during summer

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The City of Colorado Springs has been prepping for the winter season since June.

“We’re ready for snowflakes to start falling,” said Corey Farkas, streets division manager for Colorado Springs.

With 48 plows, four motor graders and six loaders, the city needs to ensure each piece of equipment is in working order.

The city’s street division is responsible for servicing more than 5,700 miles of roadway over a 194-square-mile area.

According to city officials, the average annual snowfall stands at 42 inches, but it can pile up quickly at varying rates throughout the city.

“We’ve already done all of our ordering. We have a little bit of sand left to come in, but all of our de-icers in, all of our barns are full at full inventory,” Farkas said.

The city uses three types of materials for snow operations: treated salt, liquid de-icer and anti-skid, which the city always has in stock.

“When it comes in we always put together an initial plan of attack with all of the intelligence that we have and all the data that we have. And then as the storm starts to change, we’ll change with it,” Farkas said.

But the city wants to remind residents a bit of teamwork can help both parties, meaning when drivers get stuck on icy or snowy roads, it takes away from city’s plan when their trucks get moved to a different route.

“We’re pulling trucks off routes, and so we’re actually slowing down our operation with these folks being out on the roadway. So, when we ask that folks stay home, there’s a reason for it, it helps us do our job,” Farkas said.

The city plans on using social media to reach out to residents and offer tips and notifications during a weather-related emergency. They can be found on Facebook at Colorado Springs City Government and on Twitter @springsgov

For a look at the city’s snow response plan, resident information and FAQs, click here.

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