State patrol arrests 134 on DUI charges in weekend sting

DENVER — Colorado State Patrol has released statistics from its weekend-long ZeroZero campaign.

The goal of the campaign, which started at 7 a.m. Friday, was to reduce dangerous driving behaviors.

Over the 65-hour statewide campaign:

  • 134 drug and/or alcohol driving arrests were made.
  • 30 drug and/or alcohol-related crashes were investigated.
  • 199 property damage crashes were investigated.
  • 39 injury crashes were investigated.
  • 1 fatal crash was investigated. (Weld County)
  • 436 citations for behaviors suggesting distracted driving were issued.
  • 382 citations for adult seatbelt violations were issued.
  • 63 citations for child passenger restraint violations were issued.
  • 90 misdemeanor arrests not related to a DUI/D were made.
  • 23 felony arrests not related to a DUI/D were made.
  • 3,471 citations not reported above were issued.
  • 12,780 commercial motor vehicles were contacted at port of entry locations.
  • 1,080 commercial motor vehicle were contacted for Interstate 70 chain law compliance.
  • 96 citations for CMV chain law compliance violations were issued.
  • 121 hazardous materials vehicles were inspected, resulting in 68 violations.
  • 5 stolen vehicles were recovered.

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