Police: Woman bites off teen attacker’s tongue during brutal sexual assault

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WNCN/WCBD)  — A mom called police to report that her teen son was missing his tongue on Friday — leading to charges against him in a brutal South Carolina sexual assault.

On Friday morning, North Charleston police officers responded to a gas station to investigate a sexual assault.

When officers arrived, they spoke with a 33-year-old woman, who was the victim. Officers followed her to her home. While searching for the suspect at the victim’s home, officers found blood on the floor of a bedroom, according to an incident report.

The victim told investigators at 6:30 a.m., she heard a knock at her door. When she opened it, no one was there. A second knock turned into a ringing doorbell. Then, the victim walked outside on her porch and saw a man holding a knife against his chest.

The incident report goes on to say the victim ran back into the home, where the suspect forced himself inside, tackled her to the floor, and punched her in the face.

The suspect picked up the victim and took her to a bedroom, police said.  At that point, the victim said, the suspect told her “Now you have to die!” and forced his tongue in her mouth.

When he started forcing himself on her, she said she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.”

According to the victim, the suspect then got off the bed. The victim said she still had the suspect’s tongue in her mouth, and threw it on the kitchen floor.

She was able to get away and call police. They found the suspect at a Waffle House on Northwoods Boulevard, thanks to his mother.

The suspect’s mother had called 911 about him “not having a tongue and needing medical assistance.”  He was taken to Trident Hospital.

Police said the suspect was identified, and his tongue was located by the crime scene and put in a bag of ice.

Authorities also located a knife with a white handle in the victim’s yard.

The suspect faces a number of charges.

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