ERC’s home energy assessments assist others in the community

The Energy Resource Center offers energy assessments to increase home efficiency.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colder weather is on the way, and now is a good time to make sure your home is efficient and safe.

The Energy Resource Center, or ERC, is a Colorado nonprofit that helps income-qualified families reduce their utility rates by completing an energy assessment of their home and then providing upgrades and repairs for free.

The ERC now offers that same energy assessment to everyone, for a small fee, and all the profits go back to helping families in need in the community.

During an assessment, the ERC searches houses top to bottom for energy-sucking inefficiencies and safety hazards.

“Almost a third of the houses that we go into, we find the opportunity for a carbon monoxide emergency. It’s quite prevalent today,” said Ken Hall, Project Manager for ERC.

Michael Hannigan had Hall and his team inspect his son’s new home.

“One of the things that we’re trying to help him with is to be incredibly efficient and effective as a homeowner,” said Hannigan. “Turns out up in the ceiling there’s an old knob and tube wiring system. That’s something on the safety category that we’ll take care of right away and we know there is basically no insulation in the walls and not enough in the ceiling.”

“We charge $385 for a complete energy assessment of your home, top to bottom, back to front. It’s very in-depth, we’re very comprehensive,” said Hall. “For that $385 you’re going to know exactly what you are up against as far as your energy is involved.”

Hall said on average their recommendations reduce utility rates by 20 percent. Not only can ERC identify problems, but they can also fix them.

“We do air sealing, we do insulation. We’re a fully licensed HVAC company so we can do furnaces and air conditioners, service work on your appliances. We do water heaters and all the insulation in your house,” said Hall.

The ERC has been helping families in the community since 1979.

“I’m a huge fan of companies in the nonprofit sector that are doing great things for our community, and ERC is one of those,” said Hannigan. “They serve low-income families, they do a lot of great work in the community, and why not allow them to do their great work for us here at Ryan’s house?”

“It just gives me peace of mind knowing that Ryan is living in a house that is really safe,” he said.

For more information or to sign up for an assessment, contact the Energy Resource Center at 719-591-0772 or .

Families that qualify for LEAP automatically qualify for free help from ERC.

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