Manitou Springs residents electing new mayor, council members

Election Day in Colorado is November 3. This week, we highlight the big races and hot button issues that you care about.

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — Elections in Manitou Springs this November will decide the new mayor and four open city council seats.

The two candidates for mayor, Nicole Nicoletta and Coreen Toll, both sit on city council. One will become the first new mayor for the city in six years.

Both candidates and all the candidates for city council were at a forum Monday night to talk about the hot button topics in the election.

Some people there said they’re still deciding who to vote for just weeks from election day.

Mayoral candidate Nicole Nicoletta said leadership is important in this election.

“Essentially, voters need to think about leadership style. My leadership style is about community engagement, it’s about leaning in and being available. Inspiring and engaging people to come forward and get involved,” said Nicoletta.

Candidate Coreen Toll said she brings a lot to the table as well.

“I’ve been engaged in many of the boards and committees and commissions and initiatives that the city has sponsored over the years, so the biggest difference is experience,” said Toll.

Both candidates said they have similar views on many topics.

“For me I wish there was a little bit more difference, because I’m having a lot of trouble making up my mind which candidate would be the best, because they do both have a similar platform,” said voter Hope Mena.

There are several important issues, but one stood out.

“Pressing issues, flood mitigation, fire mitigation is just as essential as flood. You hear us talking mostly about flood. Fire is just as important,” said Nicoletta.

“What is necessary is for the council to come together and agree on what we’re going to keep in our reserve, what we’re going to dedicate towards flood mitigation projects and which of the unfunded projects, the requests that we have, will be funded,” said Toll.

“If we don’t get this right and we don’t engage, the community is creating those solutions. I’m afraid that we’ll lose some of them, so it’s essential,” said Nicoletta.

Other hot button topics include parking and traffic problems and concerns over the increase in the transient street population.

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