Broncos continue their winning streak

Denver Broncos strong safety T.J. Ward celebrates a sack against the Minnesota Vikings during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

DENVER — The now 4-0 Denver Broncos continued their winning streak Sunday night at home against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Broncos are holding on to their undefeated record so far, and once again it comes down to their strong defense.

“We had a great day on defense, another fun day, and a lot of the guy making plays, TJ with the play of the game with the sack to close it off for us, another great day at the stadium,” Von Miller, Strong Side Linebacker, said.

Runningback Ronnie Hillman made a 72-yard touchdown run, hoping to spark the Broncos running game and put an end to the negative talk about the Broncos offense.

“Me and CJ got tired of people telling us we can’t run the ball and you know it was just our time,” Hillman said.

And once he got the ball in his hands, all Ronnie saw in front of him was:

“A lot of green grass and a long way to the end zone and not to get caught, that’s what I seen,” Hillman said.

Peyton Manning said he is happy with the improvements he is seeing on the Broncos offensive line.

“I thought those guys did a really good job, created some really nice run lanes and great blocking, great run by Ronnie, and it was good blocking as well. Thought they did a really good job in some critical situations,” Manning said.

With this win at home, Manning joins Brett Favre as the only quarterback in NFL history with 100 wins at home.

The Broncos have made the playoffs in five of six seasons they started out 4-0 or better, and have gone on to the Super Bowl four of those times.

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