Two Vista Ridge football players have the size to play at the next level

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — You voted for the high school football game you wanted to see Sept. 25 and the winner was Palmer Ridge vs. Vista Ridge. With both teams coming into Friday undefeated, and it being Vista Ridge’s homecoming game, there couldn’t be a better atmosphere.

What you might not be able to tell from the stands, or even the TV, is that the Vista Ridge Wolves have two players, both seniors, that are built more like college athletes than high school.

Connor Stewart, right tackle, said he stands at 6’5″-6’6″ and Josh Coppock, tight end/defensive end, said he stands at 6’7″. They both grew up playing the game and love the physical aspect of the sport, but admit their height can be an advantage.

“My size helps me out a lot, and especially with my wing span. I can get my hands on them quicker and from there it’s a lot easier to block everyone and from there speed doesn’t really matter,” Stewart said.

“It’s bitter sweet because, since I am so tall people try to hit me in the legs a lot. But it definitely helps a lot. There are kids that will be intimidated by my size, but we have a pretty big team. It helps out,” Koppock said.

If one of them isn’t intimidating enough, how about both of them, side by side, on the offensive line.

“Whenever he walks in and we get to block together, I know it’s going to be a touch down every time,” Stewart said.

“Some of our double team schemes we will double team people, we will just pick them up and try to slam them on the ground and stuff,” Coppock said.

Both players know the clock is ticking on their senior year, and they still have a few things they want to accomplish before it ends.

“Just gotta go all out all the time and make the most of it. Win a championship,” Stewart said.

“Win a championship here and go on to play college football,” Coppock said.

Stewart and Coppock are also hoping to play at Division I or Division II schools next year.

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