Remembering those lost to murder

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Sept. 25 was the 9th annual National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims and across the country people came together to raise awareness.

The Mothers of Murdered Youth, Colorado Springs Police Department and the El Paso County Sheriff all came together at Penrose library for the cause. It was an emotional day for M.O.M.Y as they dealt with a pain that will never go away.

“Even though this is a national day of remembrance, as a parent you never forget. You remember your child every day,” Pam Kinslow said.

“It’s such a devastating pain and it’s physical and it’s emotional,” Jennifer Romero said.

Some family members said people take for granted how many murders happen and how many people they impact.

“Unless you’ve been through it, I think you do. Before Tommy, we would sit in the morning and watch the news and this person was killed and we would think, ‘oh, how sad. How sad for the family, it must be really hard,’ but then our life went on and then after Tommy we realized your life doesn’t go on. You go on as much as you can,” Kinslow said.

Sheriff Bill Elder said it’s nearly impossible to prevent murders from happening, so his focus is on solving these murders.

“Keeping these cases, many of them cold cases, keeping these cases in the forefront of the public, keeping them in the forefront of the investigators is paramount to solving these crimes that we can’t ever close the book on them,” Elder said.

Both law enforcement and victims said if you see something to say something.

“One tip. One tip is all it takes,” said Kinslow.

M.O.M.Y. asked everyone in Colorado Springs to light a candle and to turn on their porch lights Friday in remembrance of all of the murdered youth in our area.

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