Pueblo’s Chile & Frijoles Festival has kicked off!

PUEBLO, Colo. — The annual Chile and Frijoles festival kicked off Sept. 25 in historic downtown Pueblo.

Last year the festival made $50,000 in just chiles. The atmosphere and the smells are what many people said they come for and the event is a unique way for Pueblo to say goodbye to summer hello to fall.

“Pueblo chile is some of the best chile grown anywhere and it’s unique to this area,” said Cheri Pullara, owner of Peppers & Pedals.

Over 100,000 people came out last year and every year it takes a lot of preparation.

“We start in the Spring time with the planting and fertilizer and we just getting them prepared and pray that Mother Nature is in our favor,” said Joey Musso of Musso Farms in Pueblo.

It’s not just the traditional use of the green chile. Some of the vendors got pretty creative this year with even a green chile ice cream!

For more information on the Chile & Frijoles Festival click here.

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