Planned Parenthood debate continues with Colorado Springs rally

Supporters of Planned Parenthood/Christina Dawidowicz FOX21
Supporters of Planned Parenthood/Christina Dawidowicz FOX21

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Recent headlines about Planned Parenthood brought protesters outside one clinic in Colorado Springs, both to show support and their dismay.

“Women are tired of being made to feel guilty, sinful, and ashamed,” said Irene Luckett, a pro-choice advocate.

The senate stopped efforts on Sept. 24 by republicans to deny federal funding for the organization as part of a bill that temporarily keeps government agencies operating. Senate democrats also blocked a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The trending hashtag: #shoutyourabortion has caused an uproar in the pro-life community, specifically against Planned Parenthood.

“How can abortions and ending your child’s life help you at all? Now, god can work things out for good, but you are ending a child’s life and you have to live with that decision,” said Linda Kracht, a pro-life advocate.

“They teach sex is okay, they don’t tell them to not have sex, they promote it,” said Joseph Martone, a pro-life advocate.

Many who are pro-choice say Planned Parenthood offers more than just abortions, they offer basic healthcare, including annual exams, std testing, birth control and more.

“They enabled me to go to college, have a career, to get married when I wanted to and to plan when I wanted to become a parent,” said Jackie Burhans, a pro-choice advocate.

Pro-life advocates argue women who had abortions should have made different choices beforehand.

“God gives life. These women are lost, they’re broken. They don’t know what they’re saying, they don’t realize what they’re saying. I’ve met many women who’ve had abortions and most of them do regret it,” Martone said.

“There are three choices: legal abortion, adoption, carry to term,” Luckett said. “We don’t interfere with any of their legal choices. It’s their choice.”

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