Colorado Springs customers buy their new Apple iPhones

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– It’s a big day for Apple fans. The brand new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus were released Sept. 25 at Apple stores across the country.

There was a long line of people outside of the Colorado Springs Apple store for most of the day today. In the past, customers would have to wait days in advance to get the newest products, but now Apple has set up a pre-order program.

“This year was actually pretty easy,” said Victor Divello, one of the thousands of people picking up a brand new iPhone.

Last year, he camped out for 2 days and still wasn’t the first customer.

“I’ve gotten the new iPhone every year since they’ve came out, so I’ve dropped a lot of money on it. But it’s been worth it every year,” Divello said.

This year, the iPhones are the priciest they’ve ever been.

“I ended up paying almost a thousand dollars for the phone,” Divello said.

The new phones are made with stronger material and glass. They also offer 3D touch and an improved camera that supports 4K video. Even though they’ll cost you a pretty penny, these Apple fans say the products are worth it.

“Pretty much they’re self-taught, so it’s very easy to learn something on them and show somebody else,” Julie Schaffer, who came from Cañon City to get the new phone, said. “I have a 92 year old mother-in-law who I actually taught to use an iPhone and she loves it.”

The release comes at a perfect time for Saidulu, who was visiting the United States for the first time. He was excited to be heading back to India with a brand new phone.

“This is my first Apple product and I’m so excited to buy this phone,” he said. “I get to buy this 4 months before my Indian friends!”

This is the 9th generation of the Apple iPhones and they come in rose gold, silver, gray and gold.

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