Tips on where to go to see the perfect fall foliage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s that time of year. Temperatures are getting cooler and leaves are starting to change, creating beautiful fall foliage.

Teller county was the hot-spot for fall foliage. The challenge is trying to time your visit with the proverbial ‘peak’ of the season. One hiking guide said there are a few really good places to go to see the leaves.

“Some of the favorite places up there are Mueller State Park. The Cheesman trail up there is really nice, because it goes past a ranch and some old building, serves as a good background. Dome Rock State Wildlife ferry, which is just down the road a little bit has a nice trail,” said Bob Falcone, hiking guide and photographer.

You don’t have to hike to experience fall foliage.

“Anywhere up and down highway 67 from divide to cripple creek looks really good and should be peaking soon,” Falcone said.

It’s always hard to determine when the peak of the season will be.

“Peak is when everything’s yellow, nothing is green, and the leaves haven’t fallen off yet and you don’t really know when that is till it’s past. You kind of get a feel for it. A few days ago when i was up there there’s still a little bit of green there, but lot more gold and as that green goes away and more gold you kinda get towards peak,” Falcone said.

FOX21 Meteorologist Jeff Womack said the weather plays a part in the season.

“It’s not the only factor though, but the biggest thing is we’re getting shorter days and it’s these cool nights we have coming up this weekend followed by all kinds of sunshine in the afternoon. That’s going to give you the reds and the purples out in the leaves. It’ll help contribute to that,” Womack said.

There’s a limited window before the leaves start to fall.

“I would definitely get to the higher elevations while you can. We’re not sure what the conditions are going to be like down here,” said Falcone.

If temperatures get too cold it can cause frost to form on the plants, causing those colors to fade early. Right now is the time to get out there and check them out.

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