Palmer Terrors facing off against the Rampart Rams in high school football

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — You’ve voted and the big game people want to see this week is William J. Palmer verse Rampart High School.

After finishing 2-8 last season, the Palmer Terrors put in a lot of hard work during the off season. Now, they said they’re ready to show other teams that they are ready to compete.

“We’re going to come out fight as fast as possibly can. It’s going to be a good game with Rampart there we just have to show that we are ready to fight with them,” Brady Simshauser, senior left guard said.

Simshauser started playing football in the third grade and now that he’s in his senior year of high school, he said he hopes to play at the next level.

“I have been wanting to play college football ever since I started and watching it on Saturdays. Watching them all play it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do,” Simshauser said.

Head Coach Jeff Priestly says this week’s focus is on the Ram’s fast offense.

“They run a sweep play that will make you shake like a dog eating razor blades. They are tough they really are, they are a good ball club they are big kids,” Priestly said. “Very well coached and you just know you have to bring you’re A game and we are going to have to execute,” he said.

On Saturday you might notice a helmet with some blonde hair coming out of it, that’s Jade Cooper. She’s a senior kicker and linebacker on the JV team making her debut next week and working towards playing at the varsity level.

“If you really love football, then I would just go for it, it’s so much fun. I love it, I have played almost every single sport and this has been my favorite,” Cooper said.

The Palmer Terrors will be taking on Rampart Rams Saturday Sept. 19th at 6 p.m. at Gerry Berry Stadium.

If you want to see your high school football team featured on FOX21’s Friday Night Lights go to our website, click on community, then contests and vote for your school. Voting starts on Sunday and ends Wednesday night.

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