Local Pueblo man to hold walk to end gang violence

PUEBLO, Colo. — Floyd Jaramillo hopes you’ll join him in his cause.

“We all live in Pueblo, this is our city. It’s a beautiful city, with beautiful people,” Jaramillo said.

He’s tired of what he said are senseless crimes destroying the city’s youth, including recent drive-by shootings and the death of a man confronting those spraying graffiti on his property.

“All of the sudden, the police are knocking on the door because it was a gang incident that started the fire across the street from us,” said Brenda Mestas, a long time resident of Pueblo.

Jaramillo said gang violence is a major problem for the city and it’s raising concerns for many residents.

“They’re shooting at everybody. It’s just, you know, random drive-bys,” Mestas said.

“Somebody has to step up and it’s nice to see Floyd is doing something about it,” said Nathan Trujillo, another Pueblo resident.

It’s why Jaramillo organized a walk to be held Saturday with the goals of bringing people together, and raising awareness about the city’s violent crimes and gang problems.

“Anytime you’re gonna have an event, try and have a solution with it. My solution is to get all these former coaches, that we work together with these at-risk kids that need help,” Jaramillo said.

He said with community support, he believes they can make a difference.

“It’s just getting so dangerous, and I just hope we can change it,” Mestas said.

For those interested in joining Jaramillo’s cause, the walk will take place Saturday at 2 p.m. on the corner of 4th and Amarillo.

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