Many take advantage of tax-free marijuana

PUEBLO, Colo. — Recreational marijuana stores, like The Spot Dispensary, normally see around 150 to 200 customers on an average day. Wednesday however, was expected to bring well over 200.

“We’ve geared up over the last six months. We’ve learned that just about any holiday generally constitutes a pretty large increase in our customer traffic. So, we did last week prepare on inventory and make sure that we’re able to handle the volumes that we’re seeing today,” said Dave Munn, vice president and Cheif Operating Officer of The Spot Dispensary.

It’s due to what many are calling a “tax-free holiday,” where customers can purchase marijuana with zero state sales tax.

The state exceeded TABOR tax projections causing them to drop the tax rate to zero for one day. Officials with The Spot say it’s basically like getting product for 10 percent off.

“Since there’s no tax, I might as well, I guess you would say ‘stock up,’ get surplus,” said Brandon Robbins, a customer at Maggie’s Farms Dispensary.

Even those visiting Colorado were able to take part in the deal many said they just couldn’t pass up.

“Take advantage of the no tax and just stock up for the two days I’m here,” said Peter Castro, who visited Colorado from Washington

While pot shops prepped for Wednesday specifically, customers wanted to make sure the product they’re after didn’t run out.

“I thought about that, that actually has crossed my mind, that’s why I got here early,” Robbins said.




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