Hundreds of post-it notes thank Kansas troopers

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – What started as just one post-it note has turned into hundreds.

“I think it’s nice. It’s well deserved. They work hard. They put their lives on the line,” said Jed Miller, Kansas State Fair visitor.

Each of the notes has a positive message for troopers. It is how Kansans are showing they support law enforcement.

“I’m amazed and humbled at the amount of support that the Kansas people are showing us, I mean it started with a few stickers, now we’re well over 200,” said Trooper Tod Hileman, Kansas Highway Patrol.

It started with a girl on the first day of the fair and soon after, more post-it notes were donated so that the thoughts and thanks can keep coming.

“I think it is a wonderful thing, and in addition to the notes, I hope the troopers get a chance to read the notes, so I hope that it will lift their spirits and lift their hearts a little bit,” said P.J. Southern, Kansas State Fair visitor.

What Kansans write, troopers have been reading.

“It makes us all feel really good, all the troops are coming in that are patrolling the fairgrounds, they are coming into read the notes, and they are staying and reading every one that they can.”

On the first day of the fair , there was a barrier around the car, but not anymore

“I called my captain and said, ‘Hey, can we remove the barrier?’”

People have seen the post-it note on Twitter and have been sending positive messages through there. The troopers are taking those Twitter messages and printing them out and adding them to all the other post-its.

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