CSPD release annual report highlighting 2014 in numbers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs Police Department has released its annual report showcasing accomplishments and highlighting 2014 in numbers.

Although recreational marijuana is now legal, officers seized less illegal marijuana in comparison to 2013. On the street level about 57 pounds of marijuana were seized, anything in violation of state law.

Also in 2014, CSPD worked with the Colorado Springs Airport to put in amnesty boxes which collected about 97 pounds of marijuana.

Local and federal agencies working together seized over 200 pounds of meth in the last year. That’s compared to over 100 pounds in 2013. CSPD said this has been a national trend. Officers have noticed a price drop in meth on the streets which possibly brings people to buy more.

The use of electronic tickets became a big player in 2014. CSPD said about 80 percent of all tickets are now being generated electronically. This brings down the time officers are issuing the ticket which then puts them back on patrol quicker.

CSPD is preparing their officers to wear body cameras. This effort, according to the CSPD report, could bring down citizen complaints and create a better dialogue between residents of Colorado Springs and officers out on patrol. CSPD is looking at several vendors for those body cameras.

So far Colorado Springs has had 14 homicides this year, last years totals reached 24. To check out the entire report click here.

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