Cleveland Indians mistakenly launch fireworks for Royals home run

CLEVELAND (AP) – The spark came from Alex Rios. The sparklers were courtesy of the Indians.

Rios put the Royals ahead 2-0 with two outs in the fifth off Josh Tomlin by hitting his fourth homer, a shot onto the pedestrian patio in left that prompted an accidental celebration in Progressive Field. As Rios rounded first, fireworks exploded above the ballpark, a tradition usually reserved for any homer hit by an Indians player.

TV cameras caught the distraught fireworks technician with his hands clutching his head after his quick-trigger mistake, which prompted a chorus of boos from the small crowd.

“It was nice,” Rios joked about the unexpected explosion. “It’s the first time that’s happened to me in a road game. When I heard all the screams, it crossed my mind that they somehow called it foul. It shook me a little bit. It caught me off-guard. When I was rounding second, I heard people screaming and that’s when I thought something happened, but it’s all good.”

The Indians took boos from the crowd in stride.


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