Dozens of local bands featured at Bristol’s Freewheelin Music Fest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Bristol Brewing Company hosted their first annual Freewheelin Music Fest at the Ivywild School featuring the 2015 Indy Music Awards. Two stages and dozens of local bands were in the line-up and no matter your taste in music; they had something for everyone’s flavor.

“They’ve got a mix between metal bands, deejays and they’ve got some contemporary, kind of country music feels,” said attendee, Josh Meliski.

“We just had Malakai which is a five year Indy Music Award metal band,” added Carrie Simison, event organizer. “We’ve had Chauncy Crandall who’s kind of bluegrass, kind of Americana. He won for best album. We’ve had Grass It Up which is a bluegrass band. I mean, it’s across the board. There’s something for everyone in Colorado Springs.”

Most of the acts featured are voted on by locals.

“The Indy Music Awards are voted by Independent readers. We do a month long survey where we take your votes and actually the top vote getters this year played not only the Indy Music Awards stage which is behind us here, but also played on the Bristol Brewing’s first ever Freewheelin Music Festival stage,” Simison said.

Music wasn’t the only thing to enjoy.

“We’ve got Blue Star offering food here. Of course we have Bristol brews available throughout the entire festival,” Simison .

Upadowna also offered free bicycle valet and there was some incentive for folks who rolled in on two wheels.

“Not only are you riding a bike for the environment but you also get a free beer out of it,” said volunteer, Loren Yerkey. “We’re just kind of embracing the spirit of being free, having fun. There’s no rules to freewheeling, that’s the first rule is there is no rules. So we’re just having fun,” Yerkey said.



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