Colorado Springs Police unite family with stolen memory box

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Thanks to police, social and local media, one Colorado family got the surprise of a lifetime.

Police found a box filled with family photos in a stolen vehicle, and the search for the owners was on. For nine months, the police have been looking for the family in the photos and letters, some of them dating back to 1918.

Today, the family got to open the box of memories for the first time. It was an exciting moment for the family, but now it’s more of a mystery than anything. They have no idea where the box came from, who could have stolen it or how long it’s been gone.

“It’s a mystery,” Natalie Cole-McDonald said. “We’ve all been kind of where, why, what?”

Cole-McDonald said her friend sent her a message on Facebook when she recognized their family name.

“When I first saw the names, I knew clearly it was our family,” Cole-McDonald said.

She called the police to get a better look.

“I showed her the photographs and she immediately recognized some of them that she had at her home,” Detective Alan Marks said. “Often times when we have something like that, we never really know who the owners are.”

“It’s really exciting, especially with my aunt here because she grew up with some of the people in the pictures and she clearly knows who a lot of them are,” Cole-McDonald said.

Thanks to police persistence, these memories are back in safe hands. The family said they’re going to get everyone together to figure out who could have put this memory box together.

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