‘Noelle’s Dogs 4 Hope’ helps provide service dogs at a lower cost

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A group right here in Colorado Springs gets together every week to help train service dogs for their future owners.

Noelle’s Dogs 4 Hope tries to provide the animals for those in need at a cheaper cost, so they rely on volunteers to help prepare the puppies.

“We start with basic obedience. So lessons one through 10 are all of our basic obedience. They range from sits, to waits, having the dogs learn patience, how to walk properly on a leash,” Ashton Brady, Director of Training at Noelle’s Dogs 4 Hope, said. “Then we go into more specialized, typically 15 to 18 months worth of training, so a long time.”

“I’ve had Trusty for about a week. He was shy at first, but he’s warmed up a lot,” first-time trainer Douglas Patterson said. “The training has been pretty good. He’s a really smart dog. He’s going to somebody that needs a dog to help with their daily lives so that’s very, very rewarding to know.”

“We are a nonprofit organization, so we try to give service dogs at the lowest cost possible to our clients,” Christopher Smith, Vice President of Noelle’s Dogs 4 Hope, said. “The different services our dogs provide are mobility, allergy alert for like peanuts, seizure response, diabetic alert, and autism.”

“We would not be a company without our volunteers,” Brady said.

“Our volunteers are our backbone for helping our dogs get through basic obedience,” Smith said. “If it wasn’t for their loving and caring of dogs and helping the people that truly need the help, we wouldn’t be able to succeed.”

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