Teens open animal rescue, hope to expand nonprofit

CALHAN, Colo. — They’re best friends and business partners. It’s a perfect match for these two 16-year-olds who share the same love of saving animals.

“It’s always been something that we kind of threw around the idea about doing it, but we never thought that we could really get into it as teenagers,” said Ariana Brooks, co-founder of Save a Soul Animal Rescue.

So they started their own nonprofit, Save a Soul Animal Rescue.

Since creating their nonprofit, the girls have saved nearly 20 animals, but…

“Since we’ve known each other, hundreds,” said co-founder Tabitha Musich.

“I think a lot of people, they underestimate teens. They don’t give them the ability to actually follow their dreams. And these guys, they’re doing that,” said Debbie Musich, Tabitha’s mother.

And there isn’t any animal they won’t save.

“My husband and I, we never thought our house would become a zoo, or a farm,” Debbie said.

“If I find a grasshopper that’s about to be stepped on I’ll move it out of the road,” Tabitha said.

Both girls said it’s their passion and love for animals that drive them to work hard.

“Watching a scared, helpless animal become strong and brave. And being able to touch a feral cat for the first time after everybody said it’s impossible,” Tabitha said.

And if any of you want to try your hand at starting up a nonprofit?

“Try it. Don’t give up because it’s hard. Push through that and you can definitely find a way if you’re really determined,” Brooks said.

The girls hope to eventually open up their own barn to house rescues they take in and expand their nonprofit.

Save a Soul Animal Rescue Facebook Page

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