Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to receive two elephants from Kansas zoo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is getting two new elephants.

Zoo spokeswoman Erica Meyer said Tuesday that the two elephants, 46-year-old Missy and 33-year-old Kimba, will come from the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, Kansas. Lee Richardson Zoo officials decided to relocate the two elephants to Colorado Springs.

Meyer said Kimba will go by her nickname, Kimba Lou, since the zoo already has an elephant named Kimba.

“Not only will Cheyenne Mountain Zoo be able to care for Missy’s age-related conditions and keep her comfortable through her final geriatric years, but everyone involved feels it’s in the best interest of both elephants to integrate them into a new herd while they both appear to be in good health,” Meyer said in a statement. “Missy and Kimba Lou have been together for 30 years. No one wants Kimba Lou to go through a period of being alone after Missy inevitably succumbs to her advanced age.”

The two zoos are working together on a plan to transfer the elephants. A transfer date has not yet been set.

With the addition of Missy and Kimba Lou, the zoo will have six African elephants in its Encounter Africa exhibit.

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