Woman gives birth on I-25

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Cañon City couple welcomed a surprise delivery from the side of the road: a new baby girl.

Five days before Amanda Evanson’s baby was due, she started feeling contractions about four minutes apart. Since she had already birthed two children, she assumed if they left right then, they would have time to make it to Memorial Hospital North before going into labor. But as they were passing the Garden of the Gods exit, her water broke. By the time they made it to Academy, she was having a baby.

“I was in a complete state of panic, thinking, ‘I don’t know how to deliver a baby. You know, I can do CPR but I can’t catch a baby. I don’t know what to do,'” the baby’s father, Marc Hermanson, said.

Hermanson waved a police officer over, but before they knew it, a Good Samaritan stopped to help.

“I see this woman approaching me and there’s really no time to think anything at that point. Before I could say anything, she said, ‘It’s okay. I’m a doctor. You’re having a baby. I’m a pediatrician. I’ve actually done this before.’ And she just started helping through it,” said the baby’s mother, Amanda Evanson.

Five minutes passed from the time her water broke to the moment they were seeing the face of their new baby girl, Katriana.

“She put her on my stomach and she was really reassuring through all of it,” Evanson said. “It just happened so fast.”

But what goes through your mind as you’re giving birth on I-25 with cars whizzing by?

“Mostly, ‘oh my God, I had a baby on the side of the road.’ That goes through your head a lot, just, ‘oh my God,’” Evanson said. “You see it happen to other people occasionally but you never think it’s going to happen to you, ever.”

The couple said the woman who stopped to help was Patricia Miller from Pittsburgh, who was visiting her daughter. FOX21 asked what they would say to her if they saw her again.

“I’ve thought about that and you know with the Good Samaritan, I mean she was so much more,” Hermanson said. “She honestly felt like a gift from God.”

“She wasn’t just a person or doctor in that moment. She was a freaking angel to me and I will never, ever forget her face. Like just thinking that has me wanting to cry because it was just that amazing,” said Evanson.

Katriana weighed seven pounds and four ounces. She is now home and very happy and healthy.

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