American Red Cross helps kids prepare for disasters

PUEBLO, Colo. — Ten years ago Saturday, Hurricane Katrina slammed the Gulf Coast, devastating thousands of families.

Saturday, one group here in Colorado used it as a reminder to families that they need to be prepared for natural disasters.

Kids came to the “Pillow Project” at the American Red Cross headquarters in Pueblo to learn important life lessons about what to do if something like a fire or a flood breaks out.

“It’s extremely important,” mother Mia Harberts said. “We talk about it at home all the time, but for them to hear it from someone else and to hear the same things and reinforce that, because they may be alone and they’re going to have to think for themselves when we’re not there.”

And the kids are taking away a lot more than knowledge.

They’re also creating their own go-kits out of pillowcases, to be prepared for emergencies.

“Kids can put in it their toothbrushes, their blankets, anything that if their parents say, ‘There’s an emergency and we need to leave the house,’ the kids can grab it and have fun stuff with them,” class instructor and Red Cross volunteer Debbie Fortune said.

The Red Cross said it’s important for kids to learn these life skills at an early age, so they can be prepared if disaster strikes.

They are hosting another pillowcase project on September 11 at the Pueblo West Library. Pre-registration is required.

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