Protect your wastewater pipes against root intrusion

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — We may love the lush green landscape Mother Nature has brought us with the recent rain, but tree roots feasting on all that water can cause some problems to our underground wastewater pipe system.

According to Colorado Springs Utilities, mainly pipes made of clay could carry an unfortunate expense if they have not been properly maintained and cleared of roots.

“Some basins are six months and some basins are five years to clean, depending on the history of the pipe, pipe type, and the area of town where there’s overgrown trees and clay pipe,” said Nick Verdi, Operations Supervisor for Colorado Springs Utilities.

The cost to a homeowner can be anywhere up to several thousand dollars.

“Roots are growing into the customer’s service line and then, in its search for water, protruding out into our main,” said Mike Smith with Colorado Springs Utilities.

CSU said about 80 percent of wastewater backup calls every year are because of tree roots blocking a customer’s service line. The simple solution is routine maintenance. The utility recommends homeowners have their own wastewater service lines cleaned professionally once every two years.

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