Lots of rain still causing problems for some Colorado Springs neighborhoods

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — In May and June, Colorado Springs saw a lot of rain all at once, and Colorado Springs Utilities said it’s still causing some pipe and waste water issues for residents near Old Broadmoor Road.

Wednesday, crews were working on a water main to prevent further problems in the area.

“Basically injecting the waste water main with a new material that hardens and creates a new pipe within the pipe and replacing the old one without having to excavate the pipe,” utilities spokesman Steve Berry said.

But crews ran into a problem.

“At Old Broadmoor and West Cheyenne, when we started the process, the pipe started to break apart and we knew we couldn’t continue the above the ground work and we had to excavate the pipe. That’s what you see going on there,” Berry said.

Berry said the repairs to the pipes should be done in the next week or so. He said the murky water going into the streets is not waste water, it’s just extra ground water, but there are multiple sources to the problem.

“It’s a lot of factors. If it’s more west of that, it’s the burn scar that’s exacerbating. It’s all the rain. It’s aging infrastructure on the customer service side and on the main,” he said.

Berry also said Old Broadmoor Road is a unique situation.

“That was actually a system Colorado Springs Utilities inherited several years ago and things were put in without the same kind of standards maybe that we do, on the system we have been overseeing for years,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents near Piñon Valley Elementary are getting their water from fire hydrants because utility workers say they are repairing a water main that constantly cracked and leaked, and neighbors welcome the repairs.

“It seemed like when they did these pipes out, it was big heavy wall pipe like half inch thick, and it was just corroded all the way through. We all realized this is a pretty serious problem. I think we are delighted to see it get fixed and no more shut downs,” resident Tony Knopp said.

Crews working on the area near Piñon Valley Elementary said they hope to get a majority of the repairs done before school starts.

Right now, Berry said, there is still no end date for when the bypass operation will be completed for the Old Broadmoor Road area because they are still dealing with extra ground water.

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