Colorado Springs bank robbery suspect arrested in Pueblo

Donnie Edwards / Colorado Springs Police Department
Donnie Edwards / Colorado Springs Police Department

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A man accused of robbing a bank in Colorado Springs has been arrested in Pueblo.

Donnie Edwards, 58, was arrested around 2 p.m. Thursday in the 1500-block of Pine Street in Pueblo. He is charged with one count of attempted robbery and one count of robbery.

Police said their investigation began around 9 a.m. Wednesday, when a man entered the Key Bank on South 8th Street in Colorado Springs. The man, who was wearing a long, dark wig and a ball cap, approached a teller and requested change for a $20. He left suddenly when the teller hesitated to assist him.

As police were investigating that incident, they received a report of a robbery at Pikes Peak National Bank on West Colorado Avenue. A man wearing a wig had robbed a teller and left the area headed southbound. A citizen saw the suspect get into a car, got the license plate number, and gave it to police.

Police traced the license plate to a person living in Pueblo, but there was no similarity between the registered owner and the suspect. They then went to Pueblo and conducted surveillance on a home in the area of Pine Street and Northern Avenue. Eventually, Edwards walked off the property and passed by an investigator, who was close enough to confirm he was the same man seen in the surveillance footage from the banks. He was arrested a short time later in the 1500-block of Pine Street.

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