New disc golf course opens in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Disc golf is gaining in popularity here in Colorado Springs, so to keep up with the demand, the Parks Department has opened up a brand new course.

The Aviary Disc Golf Course is the second course of its kind to be built in this city.

It’s located just off of East Las Vegas Street near the El Pomar Youth Sports Complex.

The new course has 18 holes and covers 18 acres of land.

Construction for the Aviary Disc Golf Course started back in April, but they had a three-month setback.

It turns out a hawk decided to nest in the area, and they wanted to give the baby birds time to learn how to fly.

But now that they’re gone, golfers can tee off.

It’s a course unlike any other in our region, with elevation changes, large trees, and Fountain Creek running right down the middle.

“We’ve got the water here. We’ve got some tight technical holes. We’ve got a couple of really long throws. It’s a good mix, and it’s good for pretty much every skill level,” Eric Bouchard with the Pikes Peak Flying Disc Club said.

Designers put in different tee-offs for advanced and beginner players, in hopes that it will draw even more people to the growing sport.

“It used to be five groups out. Now it’s a group on every tee pad,” course designer Raymond Carr said.

“The sport is growing. It’s probably one of the most rapid growing sports in the country right now,” Bouchard said.

“It’s a good community. I’ve gained friends over the years that I will never lose because of disc golf,” Carr said.

The land used to be covered in garbage, but after weeks of work, it’s now a beautiful course for the community to enjoy.

“The Aviary is a wonderful example of being able to use a space that hadn’t been used before and create an exciting, fun, challenging unique course in Colorado Springs,” Park Planner David Deitemeyer said.

The course is free and open to the public.

They’re also talking about building yet another one that could be open as soon as October.

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