Local girl fighting cancer gets surprise from Broncos cheerleaders

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A young girl fighting cancer got the chance to dance with some of the Denver Broncos cheerleaders Friday.

The Broncos are teaming up with UC Health to encourage and improve the health of fans throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

After multiple visits to the doctors, Cheyenne and her family were given a diagnosis they hoped they would never hear, but Friday she was given a chance to put that all aside and just dance.

One day Cheyenne told her mom she felt a lump on her throat.

“Cheyenne was 9 years old when she was diagnosed with T-lymphoblastic lymphoma, back at the end of January. She had a large life threatening tumor that appeared on her neck out of nowhere basically,” Cheyenne’s mom Amy Dyess said.

Since then, she has been receiving multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

“There are a lot of what ifs that go with all of this, and that’s not anything you can be prepared for. What makes it easier for all of us is the smile and positive attitude that Cheyenne has,” Dyess said.

Another thing she said helps is the support of others. After a round of chemo Friday morning, Cheyenne had the chance to cheer with the Broncos cheerleaders.

“It’s gonna be awesome,” she said. “I have never met the Broncos or the Broncos cheerleaders. It’s gonna be amazing.”

And dancing with the cheerleaders was her favorite part.

Cheyenne wants others to know a few things.

“There are lots of times that I am unhappy but I never really show it because that just brings you down more and more, and you just need to be up in the clouds not down on the ground,” she said.

And Cheyenne wants others who are going through something similar to never give up.

“Just keep fighting no matter what and just keep smiling,” Cheyenne said.

Cheyenne said her favorite part was learning all the new cheers. When she grows up, she hopes to be a doctor because they have been amazing helping her get better.

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