Officer injured, three arrested in Pueblo burglary

Willie Medina and Angeliqua Chavez / Pueblo Police Department
Willie Medina and Angeliqua Chavez / Pueblo Police Department

PUEBLO, Colo. — An officer was injured and three people were arrested in a burglary Wednesday morning.

Police said around 2:30 a.m., officers were called to the Go Fer Convenience Store at 1103 North Elizabeth Street to investigate suspicious activity. A citizen had called police to report “a group of suspicious individuals” putting masks on to conceal their faces.

When they arrived, officers found people burglarizing the business. They also found a getaway vehicle behind the store.

When the suspects inside the store saw police, they ran away. An officer chased the suspects and captured one. During the chase, the officer sustained a broken arm that will need surgery to repair, according to police.

A total of six people were captured and questioned. Willie Medina, 20, was arrested on burglary charges. Angeliqua Chavez, 28, was arrested on conspiracy charges. Police said she was the driver of the getaway vehicle. A 15-year-old boy was arrested on burglary charges, as well as an outstanding warrant.

Police said the other people involved were released, but charges are pending against some. Police are also looking for two additional juveniles as they continue their investigation.

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