Party drug puts teen in critical condition

UPDATE: Megan Pacheco died Thursday, a family friend confirmed.


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A recent Sand Creek High School graduate, Megan Pacheco, is in critical condition Tuesday after trying the party drug “Molly.”

The drug is being billed as a pure form of ecstasy, typically used at raves.

Megan’s kidneys and liver are failing after trying the drug last week.

Megan’s dad said she was with a group of friends when she tried the drug first. Immediately knowing something was wrong, she told her friends not to do it.

That’s when she was taken to the hospital with a fever of a 108 degrees.

Megan is supposed to start school at the University of Northern Colorado this fall. Her cheer coach said she’s the type of person anyone would want on their team.

“This isn’t Megan. She’s so smart, bright, loving and caring, so something like this is a real shock to our core, because this isn’t something we normally do,” said Sand Creek Cheer Coach Ali Malcolm.

Her former cheer team organized a candlelight vigil and made ribbons in her honor.

“Red is just her favorite color and we’re just trying to raise the awareness, so we’re making ribbons to hand out to everybody,” said former cheer squad member Sydni Stevenson.

This hit her friends extremely hard.

“You don’t think it would happen to the people around you that are close to you,” said Stevenson. “You know it does, but you never think it’s going to be someone that close to you.”

She said that’s especially true because of the atmosphere at Sand Creek.

“It wasn’t really big. I really didn’t hear anyone doing it, or anything like that. Sure, some other drugs, but nothing like this,” said Stevenson.

“It’s a good lesson for everybody that you’re not invincible and you can’t bank on the fact that you’re going to be okay and that you just need to take everything, think about it, think through your decisions,” said Malcolm.

“You don’t ever know what you’re taking when you take that stuff. You don’t know where it comes from, what’s in it, how much is in it, the concentration, or anything of that. It’s just really a wake up call not to trust anything that’s put in front of you,” said former cheer squad member Shelby Harold.

Megan’s candlelight vigil will be Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Sand Creek High School. It was originally planned for Springs Ranch Park, but has been moved due to the chance of rain, according to the Sand Creek cheer team.

Her former cheer team will hand out red ribbons and collect donations to help cover medical costs.

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