Colorado Springs seniors attempt hand jive record

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Saturday was a big day for some Colorado Springs residents who just broke a Guinness world record.

Saturday morning, residents from Brookdale Skyline and Brookdale Bear Creek got together to do a little hand jive. Altogether, 810 people were getting their groove on–breaking the world record for most people hand-jiving at one time.

Organizers said they were out to prove you’re never too old to accomplish a goal.

“We felt seniors can do anything and you’re never too old to attempt something out of your comfort zone,” organizer Ashley Mooney said. “And we felt it was a good reason to bring attention to Colorado Springs that there’s a big senior population here and that they’re not just sitting here. They want to do things and be a part of this community.”

To beat the record, they had to get more than 753 people dancing. That previous record was set by a group in Florida.

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