Motorcycle club barbecue puts El Paso County Sheriff’s Office on alert

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — El Paso County sheriff’s deputies will be on alert Saturday, because of a barbecue.

The event is being held by the Infidels Motorcycle Club in defiance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

The holy holiday started Thursday for Muslims around the world.

As part of the barbecue, the motorcycle club put up flyers that could be considered offensive to certain people.

We won’t show parts of the flyer, because it depicts the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a cartoon, which can be offensive to people of Islamic faith.

The flyer is what sparked the El Paso County sheriff’s deputies into action to prevent any possible violence.

“We were made aware of this event and based on the theme we thought it would be wise to make sure we had a plan in place with extra resources,” said sheriff’s department spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby.

No deputies will be in attendance for the barbecue.

The theme is the defiance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, the holy month of Islam.

Some Muslims in our area said they understand why groups feel the way they do toward them, because of the actions of the terrorist group ISIS.

“They hijack the name of our religion and we’re opposed to ISIS,” said a mosque-goer who didn’t want his name revealed.

They said people don’t understand their religion.

“Islam is a religion of justice,” said the mosque-goer. “It’s a religion of peace. The month we’re going through now, it teaches us how to be humble, how to be kind to each other, how to feel each other, especially if someone is in pain, you have to help them and be with them.”

The motorcycle club isn’t breaking any laws by having this barbecue.

“According to the leadership of the Infidel Motorcycle Club, they don’t have any enemies. They just feel a certain way and they have a right to feel that and to celebrate that way as any other American does,” said Kirby.

Muslims in our area said it’s their mission to break down misconceptions about their religion, in the attempt to create more acceptance of others’ cultures.

The Infidels Motorcycle Club had no comment about their barbecue.

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