Fort Carson hosts FBI Bomb Tech Post-Blast Investigators School

FORT CARSON, Colo. — After an explosion, there is a lot work that goes into finding the suspects, and right now the Explosive Ordnance Disposal group is preparing teams for any situation.

“What they are trying to do is re-certify or train to collect forensic evidence and figure out what happens after a detonation,” 1st Lt. Austin Abarr, Fort Carson, said.

Every year the FBI and EOD hold this post-blast investigators school training.

“The investigation starts with finding out exactly what happened and what the intent of the device was,” Abarr said.

Officials said there are many ways to investigate an explosion scene. For instance, certain bomb makers have their own styles of making a device, so they can track them down that way.

“From how it was triggered, who gave the components, who supplied it, so beyond who built the device, who also funds the activities, anything in that nature,” Abarr said.

Each year the FBI and the EOD update their training so they are ready for any scenario that comes their way.

“There is always a concern of what could happen, so better to be proactive and prepared for what’s going to happen, rather than backtrack and be a little too late,” Abarr said.

Officials said this post-blast investigators school is vital for both teams because it helps them learn how to work together, and it helps them to be able to prosecute the bad guys, all while protecting our country.

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