Neighborhood losing patience with city over sinkholes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo–Sinkholes are still a major nuisance for one south-western Colorado Springs neighborhood.

Last week we showed you two sinkholes on Irvington Court and one on Broadmoor Bluffs.

The city finally had some answers as to how they plan to fix these potentially dangerous problems.

“These in particular are due to ground water, so the water table with the amount of rain we’ve gotten has risen to a point to where it is not far below the surface and it’s causing us issues,” said Colorado Springs street division manager Corey Farkas.

There is a solution though.

“We’re lookin in to putting a French drain in to take that water, channelize it underneath the ground, and take it over to our drainage network, so hopefully we can get in there and rectify the situation,” said Farkas.

There isn’t a time table for when they will be fixed.

For some neighbors, this has gone on long enough.

“It’s at the point where you lose trust, faith, and confidence in the city to do anything about it at all,” said Steve Shively

The city said they’re spread thin with other projects and a lack of resources.

“We’re doing exactly what we can with our limited resources and we’ll get there as soon as we can,” said Farkas, “I know it’s easy for us to stand and ask for patience, but that’s exactly what we need.”

“Pleading for patience is not gettin the job done,” said Shively, “I’d like to see some action on behalf of the city, one way or the other.”

While wanting the sinkholes fixed fast, some in the neighborhood also want the city to communicate better with them about the problem and how their trying to fix it.

The city said some hot, dry, weather will help the situation and allow them to fix the problem faster.

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