Letter H Projects

Kathi Kemper  from First Class Preschool has some fun crafts you can do with your kids.


SUPPLIES: Scissors, small black construction paper, assorted colors of small construction paper, glue container, and glue brushes.

SET UP: Cut out different shapes from the colored construction paper. Optional: If your child is old enough, you can draw the shapes and the child can cut them out. These shapes should be different sizes and colors. Set out the glue container, glue brushes, black construction paper, and shapes.

CREATE: Create a house with the shapes, and glue them on the black construction paper.


SUPPLIES: Sturdy plastic cup, small colored construction paper, permanent markers, grass seed, potting soil, spoons, water, scissors, clear plastic mailing tape.

SET UP: Cut a strip of construction paper to fit around the plastic cup. Set out markers, soil, spoons, seed and water. Set out the paper strip and the mailing tape.

CREATE: Draw a face onto the paper strip with the permanent markers.

SET UP: Place the paper strip on the cup with tape. Place the clear plastic mailing tape completely around the cup, face, and paper strip to protect them from water.

CREATE: Spoon soil into cups. Add grass seed, more soil and water. Place the cup in the sunlight, and continue to water when the soil is dry. As the grass grows, it becomes the hair for Harry. Let the children give “Hairy Harry” a haircut–by cutting the grass!

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