Pikes Peak International Raceway offering new racing events all year round

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — If you are looking for something fun, fast, and new to try, then you will want to head down to the Pikes Peak International Raceway, and check out all the new racing activities they have to offer.

Ladies and gentlemen get ready to start your engines, because the PPIR is adding new racing events for you to try 365 days a year.

“Even if it’s raining, we have activities you can do. You can’t drive the stock cars in the rain, but we can do off road, time attack in the rain. There is something to do every day,” Bob Boileau, President of Pikes Peak International Raceway, said.

People can get behind the wheel of the race car or just be a passenger, but either way you can get into the triple digit racing speeds depending on the racing event you choose.

“With the stock cars, they are probably doing 145-155 miles per hour on the back stretch,” Boileau said.

But Boileau’s favorite thing about these new events is watching people experience different types of racing for the first time.

“I watch their reactions getting out of the car and they are so excited because it is real and it just happened,” Boileau said.

One driver we talked to was shaking from the excitement after the driving experience.

“It was awesome. It actually kind of takes your breath away. We got about 145. It was really cool. I am so excited,” she said.

Another driver said she enjoyed everything about her first ride.

“Adrenaline rushing and then all of the sudden, you see yourself going around these curves and he slows down and speeds up, oh my gosh that was awesome,” she said.

If you’re interested in doing this, you have to be 16 years or older. Prices start at $99.

It’s not just race cars. They also have off-roading experiences and stock cars, so you can get your full fun driving experience at the Pikes Peak International Raceway.

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