Man injured in gang-related fight

PUEBLO, Colo. — Two men were arrested after shooting another man in a gang-related fight in Pueblo Tuesday night.

Pueblo police said officers were called to the area near Jackson Street and Abriendo Avenue around 6:15 Tuesday night after reports of a shooting.

When officials arrived, they found a man lying in the street with gunshot wounds to his right foot and left leg.

Later on, officers found and arrested two suspects: 24-year-old Duane Manzanares and 21-year-old Michael Trujillo.

According to police, witnesses said it started as a gang-related fight, when Manzanares began shooting at the victim.

Witnesses also said Trujillo fired shots at the other man, possibly with the same handgun.

Manzanares was booked on charges of attempted first degree murder and possession of a weapon by a previous offender.

Trujillo also faces charges of attempted first degree murder.

Pueblo police said a third person was questioned and released.

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