Emergency Preparedness Fair held in Pueblo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — We all know Colorado’s weather can be unpredictable.

That’s why people in Pueblo are learning some survival skills so that they can be prepared if disaster strikes.

Kids and adults came to the Pueblo Preparedness Fair to learn everything they need to know to survive, from what to do in a house fire to being stranded in a storm without food or water.

“We organized this because we have so many disasters going on in the world right now,” Event Organizer Minnette Emmel said.

“Our goofy weather, stuff that’s happening politically. I mean people need to be able to be self-sufficient by themselves you know not always expecting somebody if something bad happens to come take care of them,” Safety Instructor Krayg Vonmosch said.

Groups like Red Cross are there to help, but it takes time, and they don’t always have the necessary supplies on hand.

“If you’re already prepared, then you don’t have to wait and you’re not panicked and you’re secure,” Emmel said.

Their best advice is putting together a 72 hour kit with things like food, water and something to start a fire.

But what many people don’t know is that the simplest items could save your life, like chapstick.

“It is an antiseptic, you can actually put it in wounds it will clean it. It will start on fire. It’s a petroleum based product so you can actually use it as fire tinder,” Vonmosch said.

You can even use it to purify water through a straw.

“It tastes like junk but you can survive off of it,” he added.

“Some of these things I never would have thought of as survival things, so we need to learn what we don’t know,” participant Paula Maroney said. “We never know what can happen from moment to moment so we better be prepared.”

Emmel says they put this event together every 2 years, and it always has a steady turn out.

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