Emergency Preparedness Night gives community tips for facing disasters

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Sunday, May 31st was Community Emergency Preparedness Night at Sky Sox Stadium. Post-game activities gave families an opportunity to learn about emergency preparedness through hands on demonstrations and displays. Several departments and organizations came out to talk to the community about the steps to take when faced with disaster.

“Today we have a lot of great information. We have search and rescue. We have the blood mobile. We have an AMR ambulance.” Emergency Management Coordinator, Erin Duran added, “We also have the E-911 where you can sign up in order to receive emergency notifications and then we have the office of emergency management here as well providing information about preparedness.”

Spokesperson for the El Paso and Teller County 911 Authority, Ben Bills said, “Right now we’re in the 911 safety trailer and this is what we’re using in the schools. We teach school aged kids about 911 about how to call and when to call and then we simulate an emergency on how to stay safe.”

He explained how the E-911 emergency notifications work.

“That is the system 911 uses to call you if there’s an emergency that would directly affect either somebody’s life or their property, so wild land fires, floods, for criminal activity if there’s police activity in an area,” said Bills.

Officials say considering the area we live in, it’s important to know these things.

“Unfortunately as most people know about our community we’ve experienced some traumatic wildfires and floods in the recent years and it’s important to get prepared ahead of time,” said Duran.

If you would like to learn more about emergency preparedness head to www.CSReady.org or if you are interested in registering for E-911 notifications visit www.ElPasoTeller911.org.


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