Rock fall closes exit ramp near Rainbow Falls

Rockslide closes portion of U.S. 24 Business/CSP

A rockslide has closed a portion of Manitou Avenue on the west end of Manitou Springs.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) closed eastbound U.S. 24 Business from Highway 24 to the roundabout at Serpentine Drive around 7:00 Monday morning. This is the exit ramp near Rainbow Falls. CDOT states that Serpentine Drive remains closed between U.S. 24 Business and mainline Hwy 24 since it parallels the business route and a retaining wall between the two roads also is showing signs of cracking.

Mainline Hwy 24 is not impacted by this closure with the exception of the exit ramp from eastbound Highway 24 to Business U.S. 24, according to CDOT. Other access points from Highway 24 remain open into and out of Manitou Springs.

This is the same stretch of road that was closed last Thursday after cracks formed in the westbound lane. It was reopened Friday afternoon after it was deemed safe for travel.

CDOT engineers will be on-site Tuesday to determine what steps will be required before the highway can reopen.

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