NEW: DUI app alerts lawyers with the push of a button

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A new app is allowing people who get pulled over for DUIs to alert a lawyer with the push of a button. It’s called the Duey Dialer and it sends a message to an attorney in the area with your physical address while also recording the audio of the conversation with law enforcement. Developers are describing it as an “attorney in your pocket”.

“So this way you’ve got representation at a time that’s typically you know maybe emotionally charged, very difficult to try and find an attorney at that particular moment.” Duey Dialer’s co-creator, Daniel Delgado added, “So we take all of that and we make that process much more efficient.”

He says it’s similar to insurance.

“We hope that there is not a reason for someone to have to use this app but what we are doing is providing a tool if you will to insure that your rights are preserved

at a particular moment in time when you need to have them preserved,” said Delgado.

Some might say it is condoning drinking and driving but police do not agree.

Sgt. L.C. Morgan with the Colorado Springs Police Department said, “I don’t think so because whether or not it’s videotaped or audio taped it’s not going to change the fact of how much alcohol might be in your system and the only way we’re going to find that out is by a test of your blood and or breath and that’s where it becomes important I mean what’s on the video tape or what’s on an audio tape really isn’t going to matter that much.”

And having that audio recorded could potentially help crack a case.

“It could become an item of evidence. Obviously a crime has been committed.” Sgt. Morgan added, “We’re there investigating that crime and if something comes up and there’s a video tape or an audio tape that’s going to help clear up what may have happened. That is an item that we may try to seek.”

Duey Dialer has been released for Androids but IPhone users can expect the app to come out within the next few weeks.


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