Artist paints mural for Memorial Day

PUEBLO, Colo–One man used the power of art to honor military members on this Memorial Day and he’s doing it in a big way.

Anthony Armijo has several of his murals across pueblo.

The one he’s working on and repairing right now means a lot to not only him, but people in pueblo.

“All the images on there are all local people, so when the new owner decided to do the repair on the mortar between the brick, naturally, he destroyed the images,” said Armijo.

That highlights the need to start repainting it.

“I’m changing the flag that was on the far east end of the building, I’m centering it and making that one of the main focals and then I want to add some more images,” said Armijo.

More and more vets are trying to be a part of the new mural.

“Now that I’m getting more people interested I’m going to scale down on the images and try to put as many as I can on this wall,” said Armijo.

One vet said seeing Anthony paint on Memorial Day makes him happy.

“I’m proud to be a veteran, no matter if I served in Vietnam, or if I had to serve in any other war. I wouldn’t change it for anything else,” said Vietnam veteran Ruben Romero.

“So, seeing that mural,” said Kody Fisher.

“It makes me feel good,” said Romero.

Anthony said that’s what it’s all about.

“It’s about these guys. I wanted to focus on these guys that sacrificed their lives. Especially these guys I’m working on now, cause these are the young boys that died in Vietnam,” said Armijo.

Veterans in Pueblo helped Anthony by contributing money for paint and supplies.

Armijo plans to have it completed by September.


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