Red Rock Canyon Open Space closes due to flooding

Red Rock Canyon is closed due to flooding. / Mike Duran - FOX21 News
Red Rock Canyon closed for several weeks due to flooding this spring. It has since reopened. / Mike Duran - FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs is closed after heavy rain and flooding caused some serious damage to the trails.

Kurt Schroeder with the Parks and Recreation Department officially shut it down around noon.

He said a levee broke and a wall of water came rushing down.

FOX21 News spoke to the man who saw it happen, and he said the water was several feet deep.

“I saw the water come through the parking lot and it came over that and everything just turned red with mud,” Stuart Boucher said. “I’ve heard about flash floods a lot but I’ve never seen one.”

“In the park itself we had a trail that was significantly washed out, as you can imagine. We had a tree or two that was uprooted and of course a lot of rocks strewn here and there. Mainly our concern is the trail damage,” Schroeder said. “We would just stress that people abide by and obey those signs that have parks closed for their own safety. We have lots of other places that are still open and accessible but if you see a closed sign, please stay out.”

Schroeder isn’t sure how long Red Rock Canyon will be closed.

He said it depends on the weather and when they can assess the trails.

Schroeder added that several other areas have been shut down due to the flooding, including portions of Midland Trail and Pikes Peak Greenway Trail.

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