Local restaurant raises funds for Nepal relief efforts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — “My family, a few sisters home are cracked and they are outside in a tent and they’re not able to live in inside because they are afraid,” said Raj Adhikari, co-owner of Little Nepal.

Owners and employees of Little Nepal are working to aid in relief efforts for Nepal.

“They’re really genuinely nice people. They really care about the people that they left behind in Nepal,” said Dennis Bellinghousen, who frequently visits Little Nepal.

And it’s more than just their family.

“It’s a heart-wrenching thing to see in the pictures,” said Biswas Palikhey, who has family in Nepal.

That’s why the local restaurant will donate all of their Sunday sales to the disaster relief fund for victims of the earthquakes.

One of the restaurant’s owner’s second businesses was affected.

Fortunately, owners said none of the employees’ families were physically hurt.

“Their homes affected, the damage happened to their properties and businesses like that,” Adhikari said.

Restaurant owners tell FOX21 they’re thankful for the overwhelming support they’ve seen from the community and believe this is the best way for them to aid in relief efforts.

“In a time when they need so much, we can make aware to the whole world, what it is to have such a tragedy,” said Victoria Heim, a friend of the owners of the restaurant.

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