Recent rains cause mudslide danger

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Our roads aren’t the only things impacted by recent rain.

One neighborhood is dealing with the danger of mudslides potentially pulling their homes into a ravine.

The neighborhood is just off of Rockrimmon and Tamarron drive.

Between Friday night and Saturday morning, heavy downpours caused the ground around some homes to slide.

Now, one house is right next to the edge of the ravine and homeowners are looking for answers from the city.

The owner of one house sitting right along this edge said she’s been in pins and needles ever since this happened.

“It looked fine until I got up at 7 on Saturday morning and I peeked out here and it was not bad at all. It was a little sunk and I thought, ‘okay,’ but then it rained all day Saturday and you could watch it go and go and go,” Monika Buckley said.

She said it’s very scary.

“I thought the house was going down to fall down the mountain,” said Buckley.

She also said the city did know about this problem.

“We called them for a whole year,” said Buckley. “It wasn’t bad, but every time it rained you could see a little bit.”

She said the city didn’t do anything to fix it, but with this bigger problem the city is moving into action.

“It’s obviously as fast as possible. We are working on the plans for a permanent fix. Obviously associated with costs, so at the same time we’re figuring out what those costs are,” said the Public Works Director Travis Easton.

While the city calculates costs, so is the homeowner. She said insurance isn’t going to cover it.

“I asked about the balcony and they said, ‘no, that was still caused by the surface water.’ If it had been just hail damage or stuff they would have covered that, but not the surface water,” said Buckley.

The homeowner said since her insurance is not going to be covering any of the damage, she hopes the city steps up and helps cover some of these costs.

City officials said they don’t know how much it’s going to cost to fix the problem.

They said the money to fix it could come from the city’s emergency fund, but they also said they have no timetable right now for when this will be fixed.

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