Horrible tragedy: Mother hears daughter’s last words before she’s murdered

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – A Virginia mother had to hear her daughter’s last words over the phone after a horrible tragedy claimed her 11-year-old’s life.

Police were called to a home near Fort Knox, Kentucky after a neighbor found two bodies outside of the residence.

Police tell WTKR that 11-year-old Tasha Jonas was shot by her own father, 49-year-old John Jonas, who then turned the gun on himself.

That same neighbor, who is also a close friend of the girl’s mother, Karina Jonas, told WTKR that this could have all been prevented.

The neighbor told crews that this all stemmed from a heated custody battle.

WTKR reports that the girl moved with her father to Kentucky two years ago. Ever since then, Karina has fought to get her little girl back.

“Besides a tremendous amount of grief, there’s an overwhelming amount of anger,” the neighbor told WTKR.

A hearing was scheduled for August, where the young girl would have been given the choice to choose which parent she wanted to live with.

Sadly, Tasha Jonas wasn’t given that choice.

The last words Karina Jonas heard from her daughter were “Daddy, daddy, what are you doing?”

The incident is under investigation.

Read more here.

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