Family fosters hundreds of children with help from Special Kids Special Families

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — May is Foster Care Month, and Special Kids Special Families, a nonprofit organization that supports people with disabilities as well as their families, offers a child placement program that’s one of the leading foster care agencies in the region.

FOX21 got the chance to speak with one family who has fostered hundreds of children over the last 13 years.

“We got a phone call and they asked if we would take two little girls and a little boy,” said the foster mother, Laurie.

The children were eventually adopted by an aunt, but Laurie and her husband never stopped thinking about them, until one day, they got a surprise.

“Some years later there was a knock at our door and an aunt, the aunt was with them and they were grown,” said Laurie.

And with the help of Special Kids Special Families, they have now fostered nearly 900 children.

“I have a child with special needs and so I’m very passionate about children with special needs,” Special Kids Special Families Child Placement Director Sandra Dunlap said. “It is a wonderful organization. If I was not the director I probably would be a foster parent with this agency.”

About seven years ago, Laurie met a little boy named Randy.

“I went to his kindergarten graduation to watch him graduate and he was the most animated, the cutest smile, dancing and singing child and it just brought tears to my eyes,” she said.

And two years later, they adopted him.

“We talk,” Laurie said. “We talk about his biological mom because he does know a little bit about her and so we talk, but I lost my mom at a young age and he lost his mom so we know our mommies are together, right?”

“Right,” Randy replied.

FOX21 asked Randy how much he loves him mom and his new family.

“I love her a lot. Like a thousand. I love her a lot.”

If you or someone you know is interested in fostering a child, contact Special Kids Special Families at 719-447-8983 or visit their website at

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