Many people affected by continuous storms and flooding

Lillian Johnson's apartment is one big puddle she's having to wade around in. / Jon Moore -- FOX21 News
Lillian Johnson's apartment is one big puddle she's having to wade around in. / Jon Moore -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — This weather is taking its toll on all of us but some maybe more than others. Highway 24 is now open but it was closed for about two hours due to a large amount of hail in a short amount of time. Dozens of cars had no choice but to pull off and wait for the road to open back up while others are even dealing with the elements inside their homes.

Woodland Park residents, Rose and Jason Miller said, “We’re waiting for them to move and take the road block out so we can go back up the hill.”

They had been sitting there for 30 minutes before FOX21 talked to them and were getting tired of waiting.

“We’re stuck with a bunch of groceries in here that need to get home and put in the freezer you know,” said Rose Miller.

And Lillian Johnson is having bigger problems. Her apartment that she moved into just a week ago is flooded.

Johnson said, “Originally it was in the bathroom closet until it started raining and I don’t know what time this morning. I woke up about 4:45 this morning and we were literally in a puddle.”

She contacted maintenance who spent a few minutes vacuuming the water but with the non-stop rain she’s left wading through her apartment.

“I’m pregnant. There could be possible mildew.” Johnson added, “It’s very frustrating. I don’t know the correct words to say to you right now because I’ve just been at it all day but I’m not a happy camper at all.”

And with no help from her apartment’s management she says she doesn’t know what to do.

“I cried at church this morning when I went to get prayer, I cried because that was the only thing I could do. My frustrations were just built up into tears. I just hope to get moved at least you know or they can at least give me my money back so I can move somewhere else,” Johnson said.

But she’s not the only dealing with flooding.

The Regional Communication Specialist for the Pikes Peak Chapter American Red Cross, Bill Fortune said over the phone, “This morning we helped three different families in three different locations in Colorado Springs. It’s mostly the basement flooding, so in one case it was a basement apartment or the lowest level apartment.”

And the Red Cross says they can help Johnson too.

“She can contact us and you know every call or every request is handled individually so we want to if there’s a way that we can help them we certainly will give it a try.” Fortune added, “It might be as simple as offering her some cleanup items to help her clean up the mess.”

FOX21 got Johnson the contact information for the Pikes Peak Region Red Cross and they say you can also use their new emergency app that will give you warnings as well as preparedness and recovery information.


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